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If you have ever experienced a ruthless debt collection agency then you know how difficult it is to recover even if you can get the debt paid off.  If you cannot settle a debt to the satisfaction of the debt holder, they are within their rights to sell it to a collection agency and their mission is to get their money back and it can get ugly.

Depending on the company, it will hit all three credit bureaus month after month knocking a good credit score to very poor very quickly. Without monitoring your credit you may not discover this until it is too late.  If you do monitor your credit and cannot afford to pay, it is like watching a sinking ship.  If at some point you manage to settle the debt you then have to rebuild your credit and it still sits there as an ugly mark for a minimum of seven years.

Put yourself in the position of being owed money and having to get it back from someone you have invested in.  Chances are, if you are reading this, you are not a huge heartless cooperation, but a sensible business person looking for advice before investing or perhaps your investment went awry.  You want to recoup your losses but are not one to destroy someone who fell victim to the crazy weather of the last year. And perhaps you still want to do business with them in the future.

When someone takes out a loan the intention is to pay it back. This is especially true in business because your reputation can make or break you even if your business fails. Investors can protect themselves by doing some research on their investment and the industry to get a lay of the land.

For the food, clothing, and beauty industries that is pretty cut and dry.  You can look at the person seeking the loan and the market trends and decide whether it is a good investment or not.  The cannabis industry is different.  It is a growing industry that is still fighting for its right to exist.  The market trends are known but it is in a category all its own.

Cannabiz Collections knows cannabis and business. They can help you through the entire investment process by doing background checks for things that matter and making sure permits are filed correctly and in a timely fashion.  Financial counseling for the investor and investment are provided at the beginning to prevent collections in the future.

Because the laws surrounding cannabis are different from state to state, Cannabiz has in-house attorneys licensed to practice in all fifty states available from start to finish on the loan and everything that comes after.  All of your legal and financial advisors under one roof and they can carefully but effectively recoup your losses and allow you to maintain your relationship with your investment if the time comes.  Cannabis is the business to be in so when you are ready, contact Cannabiz Collections.

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